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It’s the first day of school and I already have a pile of things to think about.

1. My ISM topic and thesis. I need to hand in a proposal by next Monday and I still haven’t thought of a solid thesis. Die……

2. There’s a conference that’s being held in China and Japan this March and only 4 delegates from Singapore are allowed. Should I go for it? The email wrote that the ones who are chosen can apply for USP grant but will the grant cover my airfare and transportation costs? I want to go to Shanghai and Kyoto!!! The conference will be bringing the delegates to the Shanghai Stock exchange and in Japan, it’ll be Toyota’s factory as well as Matsushita!!! 行きたいよ!I think I shall try for it…and if I can’t get the grant to cover everything, then I’ll have to beg and borrow….OSA??

3. There’s a job opening in an English school in Kobe. The contract is from June 2006 to May 2007. Idiot. If anyone gets the job, he or she can’t attend commencement. We only graduate like once in a lifetime (unless you intend to pursue your masters and phD) and who wants to miss out on THAT?! Furthermore, for me at least, EE and family are coming down from the US just for my graduation. I can’t cancel on them. I want to wear my square hat anyway, thank you very much. Which leads me to my next point:

4. JOBS…I’ve got to send in my resumes and cover letters (including photos…irritating and demanding employers). In the recent issue of Recruit, the latest deadline for most companies is the 21st of Jan. So early right?? Ah well…I can’t read my manga and watch my anime so often liaos….

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