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School starts in another 9 hours. Yucks. What’s even more yucks is deciding what job to get. Most companies want people with 2 or more years of experience! All the fresh grads have are ‘management associate programmes’ which are highly competitive. *sigh* i don’t know what I want to do in life. Well…all I’ve got are dreams and fantasies…hee.

Anyway, my bro’s friend got married on Saturday. Chow and Sing are going to tie the knot soon. I’m starting to think about my dream wedding…and whether I’ll ever meet my groom. Haha…no, I’m not crazy to the point where I’ve thought of the dress, the church and the wedding venue. Although I can tell you who will be on my guest list. HAhahaa….

Sing finds the lion toy creepy. Really meh? I don’t think so…I can’t stop pressing that darn button.*presses the button to play the songs*

Ok…school is going to start and I’ve got to go into ‘school’ mode. I’ve got ISM research and proposal to do. I need to meet with Dr Mac to discuss about my ISM. I’ve probably got projects to do and I need to focus on getting my A’s this sem. It’s the last stretch and my last chance at getting a CAP of 3.5. Pray for me people, pray for me.

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