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I think humans are inately mild-narcissists. We need it to survive. If we were all selfless individuals, we wouldn’t have wars and we wouldn’t have the selfish desire to want to live. On a smaller note, don’t we always surround ourselves with friends who mirror us? We choose our friends. Friends are often those who encourage and point out our good points, making us feel good about ourselves. I’m sure there are few sadists out there who have friends who bully them constantly. If so, those are not friends and you need to get rid of them pronto. Ok, I know that there are people who are in “toxic relationships” where one person is like an emotional blackhole, draining your mental and emotional strength. But eventually, one will realise that he/she is in a toxic relationship and get out of it right? See…a bit of narcissism or self-love isn’t that bad. Of course, I’m being extreme by using the word ‘narcissism’. I just wanted to get your attention. Haha…I’m bored. Heck, gimme a break. Or better, give me big bombastic words for me to use in my daily vocabulary. Yes, I feel like being a vocab egomaniac. Heh.

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