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After 4 days of rain…today is especially sunny!! Wow…Singapore is sunny again! Many people can go dry their clothes properly!! This kinda reminds me of the weather reports in Japan where they not only tell you whether it’s going to be sunny/cloudy/rainy but they even have icons letting you know whether the weather is good for sunning your clothes. Haha…thank goodness my home has a dryer. Come rain or shine, our clothes get dried! 😉 Next week is going to be another hectic week. In addition to my weekly readings, I’ve got to hunt for Ming’s present, buy eye-liner and white eye-shadow; go for a J-rock event on Wednesday (anybody wants to go with me?); meet a bunch of students from Shibuya-Waseda High and meet Ming for “Memoirs of a Geisha” on Thursday; go for a Honours Thesis proposal presentation (i.e. grilling session…as in I grill my classmates…*evil laugh*) and go for reunion dinner on Friday; and then I’ve got a hair appointment on Saturday! Wow….my week is like FULL! Haha…I think I sound semi-bimbotic. *Yawn* I just finished watching Johnny’s countdown special 2005/06. I think most Japanese pop-stars like to sing in high pitched voices. Their voice range isn’t very wide either. Most of them aren’t particularly masculine-looking either. Why do you need 7-9 people in a group anyway? They’re too small for a choir and too large for good harmonisation. Hmm…perhaps they’ve got like 2 singing melody, 2 “sopranos”, 2 tenors and 2 non-existing bass??? Haha….but I think they all sing the same notes for the songs leh. Hmm….ok…thou shalt not comment any further. Some of the groups sang their old songs (like 10 year-old songs) and hmm, I don’t think J-pop has changed a lot. Haha…and puhleese, these groups don’t write their own songs so don’t say things like “but it’s their style”. I’m horrified at the U.G.L.Y. costumes Arashi, News and Kat-tun were made to wear. 彼たちは男だよ!They looked like they were going for some Mardi Gras parade on Christmas. -_- Or someone was playing with pinnatas and it exploded on a bunch of Japanese ‘boys’. I say boys ‘cos they’re technically adults but still resemble your adorable teen, whom you just wanna pinch. Haha…ok…enough of my verbal regurgitation. I’m really procrastinating from doing my readings, you know. Heee….

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