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As many of you would know, I’ve got a student and I’m teaching him English, Science and Math. He seriously doesn’t need tutoring on Math. As for science, he needs to rethink his logic. My gosh…he’s not stupid and neither is he super smart. He just doesn’t link things properly. I would love to give examples but I don’t want to type so much. As for English, his grammar is horrible…but he can get full marks for the MCQ section. Another amazing thing is that he speaks English at home. Well, more like Singlish. But so do my parents!! Why is it that my brother and I do not make grammatical errors like writing past and present tense in the same sentence??!! Hmm…my student needs logic.

Another thing about my student is that his apartment is a mini zoo. He has a labrador retriever, 2 cats and 2 fish. His apartment is smaller than mine AND is horribly cluttered. I thought my room was bad…but I’ve met my match. It’s not only his room…it’s the WHOLE apartment. I don’t understand how anyone is able to study properly when his desk is full of stuff AND he doesn’t really study in the dining room. The dining area is extremely warm too…not conducive for studying either. Gosh.

Went to see my supervisor about my ISM. I seriously think that I’ve chosen the wrong supervisor. She makes me rethink my idea everytime I see her and Letitia and I have come to the conclusion that she likes us to write something that she’s familiar with. Not only that, she is very stuck in the training that she received. Sounds like a conclusion that Marianne said about her too. Bah. *groan* now I’ve got to rethink about my ISM’s thesis. Somebody help me!!!

Went for EDB career talk tonight. They actually spent an hour talking about the company structure, what it does and the speaker’s academic history PLUS her job scope. We want to know more about the JOBS available. Left at 7. Couldn’t take it anymore. 本当につまらなかった。*yawn*

I’ve got readings to do..shall get to them. 明日、もう一つつまらない授業がある。。。*sigh*

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