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Time flies. It is already the middle of semester. Doesn’t feel like it. Just barely a month and a half since school began. Anyway, this break doesn’t feel like a break. I’ve got research to do…time to catch up on my readings as well as start doing all the surveys and interview questions. To add, I’m taking this chance to present in Simon’s class next week. I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping that Lee foundation will give all of us INNOVATE delegates grants…I wanna go to Shanghai and Kyoto!!

Anyway, about my ISM. I think I managed to irritate my supervisor and vice versa. I sent her an email saying that the book I need has been loaned out with 2 other people reserving it before me. She then replied telling me that there are 2 copies in the RBR section. HEllo…I don’t think I can finish reading that book within 2 hours! I need to borrow her copy in order to photocopy…*Sigh* which part of PHOTOCOPY does she not understand??? Arghs!

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