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My eyes now hurt…I have no idea…and my right eye was itchy until I dripped a few drops of my eye drops. *sigh* I don’t feel like writing my ISM. It’s that lagging thingy again….ooh…found a spot in NUS that has free OSIM massage chairs!!! HAhaha…I shall go there to massage as often as I can!! 🙂 Letitia and I went to eat Cheese Prata for dinner tonight…as usual, the curry wasn’t spicy enough and there was a lot of MSG. I’m so thirsty now.

Hmm..I “discovered” a new band…haah…ok, they’ve been around since 1997 but I have recently discovered their music. They’re a mix between undergound rock and mainstream music. I think they’re technically very good…as in guitar/bass/drums. I can’t find their mp3s anywhere and I think I can’t be a pirate for them…have to buy their album!! That would be SGD30 something from me…and I’ve got to ask Ng Wei to get it for me when he goes to Japan. Yay!! At least there’s someone going to Japan!! ;D

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