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Yes, it’s thursday..but yesterday was Ash Wednesday – the start of Lent – and I had such a full day. Let me begin my story in a chronological fashion.

12 noon – Went to Chatterbox (USP blk) to collect a book from classmate
12:30 pm- Went for class
3:40 pm – Class ended
4:00 pm – Finally managed to catch bus to student’s place
4:45 pm – Reached Student’s home.

Ok…let me moan about my student. *sigh* His problem is application and he doesn’t really bother to think about what he writes on paper. His grammar sucks but what he writes on paper sounds totally different from what he speaks. He’s untidy in his work. I now know why my teachers always write “Neat and conscientious student” in my report book. How can you organise your thoughts when writing them down is such a mess??!! There is only so much that I can teach him…application is very hard to ‘teach’. I can tell him something but I’m very sure that he’ll forget it immediately because he is too caught up with wanting to play. This guy has seriously TOO many toys, TOO many computer games and TOO many material stuff for him to think about anything else. I think children these days are too addicted to the telly that they’ve forgotten that there are so many good books out there to read. READ!! I share Oprah’s concern about children not reading. And I get very irritated every week because my student just gives up so easily!! He knows the answer to the questions, it’s just that he doesn’t bother to link the knowledge that he knows with the question! Give him some application question and he’ll immediately go, “I don’t know!” Rubbish. He knows. He just doesn’t know how to use his textbook knowledge. *sigh* I shall not rant anymore.

6:30 pm – ended lesson and went to Tanglin Mall for dinner
7:10 pm – rushed to the bus stop to go for Ash Wednesday mass
7:30 pm – mass
8:45 pm – mass ended…we waited for like 15 mins before a cab came. Stupid cab driver reminds me of my student. I said this: Uncle, Anchorage, OPPOSITE ikea. He heard: Ikea. Oh gosh…took such a LONG route home, which made my mum fuming mad.

9:05 pm – reached home. Changed my bag into my small one. Touched up my make-up and changed my shoes.
9:20 pm – left my house to catch a cab.
9:48 pm – finally managed to catch a cab. Apparently, taxis do not like my place after 9. They flock to Ikea instead. Damn them.
10:00 pm – reached Ministry of Sound (MOS) and met up with Sing and Kewei. DANCING TIME!!!

Ok…MOS is a lot better than Club Momo. The music is better, the transition of the songs were better and MOS did not repeat songs. The drinks in MOS were well mixed and tasted great. They have flair bartenders and they didn’t look moody and hassled (think Club Momo). Retro Night was good…too bad R&B night is actually tonight (damn). I had my workout last night…haha!! I’ll never wear 3.5 inch heels to club ever again. Seriously. Not very friendly to the knees.

Anyway, reached home at around midnight stinking of cigarette smoke. My tolerance for cigarette smoke has increased in terms of sinus…but my skin is still a wee bit sensitive. *scratch* But I’ll definitely go clubbing again…once my exams are over!!! Who wants to join me??

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