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Ok…tomorrow’s the Discussion session with the managing director and the other people who were shortlisted. I’m starting to question whether my pre-determined choice of attire is suitable and whether I am able to wake up on time. I’ve got to wake up at 6-ish tomorrow in order to get there before 8:30. Why so early? Well, it takes me 10 mins to brush my teeth n do business; followed by another 20 mins shower; 10 mins of putting on toner, moisturiser, hair tonic and hair conditioner; 10 mins blowing of hair and another 20 mins of careful application of make-up. After the in house routine, it will take me another 10 mins to eat breakfast and 10 mins to walk to the bus stop. I have no charge over what time the bus comes, so I’ve got to factor in waiting time…even though actual travel time from my place to Orchard is merely 20 mins by bus. I’m rambling. I’m starting to fear that my unsocial side might pop up tomorrow. Will I make any boo-boos? *falls into bed and refuses to think anymore*

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