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Well, I’m sure you guys know that I haven’t been updating my blog for quite some time now. The reason is that I’ve been rather busy sending CVs as well as going for interviews. Went for one this afternoon and I felt like it was such a waste of my blardy time. The interviewer was 20 mins late and when it was finally my turn, he immediately asked me: “Why are you applying for a sales job?” Sales? The position I applied for was for ‘Advertising Executive’….nevermind…I replied that I wanted something challenging. To which, he shot back, “There are other challenging jobs out there.” Oh my gosh…I couldn’t stand him. Did he have to be so aggressive? Turns out that this interview was a preliminary interview and if selected, there would be another round of group interview and tests. Gosh. How long did today’s interview last? Less than a min. Serious.

Another thing that happened today is that my grandma tore her ligament while trying to adjust a floor mat. She twisted her leg between the sofa and the couch and did so in such an awkward position that she tore her ligament. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything more serious. She keeps saying that she’s suay (unlucky).

Anyway, back to the interview torture that I’m currently in. SIA rejected me. So my thoughts of becoming a station manager posted overseas has *ahem* flown away. Finexis irked me so much that I irked them back so I’m never going to be recruited by them again. Alpha Financial seems keen on me…but after speaking to Gor and E:E, I don’t think I want to be a financial advisor. If I were to become one, I shouldn’t done so with Finexis. However, if I do ever reach the depths of desperation and become one, I’d rather choose Alpha. Alpha was more honest with me about the job scope, renumeration and stresses of the job as a financial advisor. They didn’t try to paint an overly rosy picture like what Finexis did. Ok…I don’t want to be accused of slamming companies now. *Breathes out* I shall calm down.

Got a call yesterday from a company that supposedly got my details from Delphi recruitment agency. I’m supposed to go for an interview this coming Wednesday and they were supposed to sms me the details. Hmmm…still no sms from them. Weird. Ah well…their loss if I still don’t get an sms by Tuesday…and NO i can’t call them cause they called me using a private number, so no number turned up on my mobile.

I’m so sick of interviews. Do I really want those jobs? Not really. I think I should just set up my own company like Kenric. Oh yeah…Kenric called me on wednesday to ‘catch up’. Kinda shocked me. I thought he wanted to sell me insurance. Haha…but he said that he’s quit selling insurance and was just interested in catching up. He has since started a biotech business. I wish him all the best in it. I seriously am considering starting up my business. Maybe I should. But I need capital. ARGHS!!!! Dilemmas. *sigh* I think I shall start with plan A and go do my market survey. FIGHTING (*”* learnt this from ‘Fullhouse’)!!!

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