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Woke up at 6:30 am this morning in order to get to DFS before 8:30 am. How was today? Well, it was a well packed day that was partly stressful but fun at the same time. There was a panel of judges made up of 4 executives (think Americal idol) who were evaluating us at all times. We had to introduce ourselves, followed by a group presentation and finally an individual presentation. We then had a management trainee from the previous batch to give us a short talk on what it was like for her. After which, we had a tea reception with the execs, some other management trainees and the HR people (or talent acquisition as they prefer to be called). I now have to wait for the next 2 days to know whether I’ll be going to the next round of interviews. There was only 16 of us and out of us 16, they will only be hiring 5 at the max. Very competitive. I’m very tired now and I really hope that I get to the next round. Anyways, I got a call for a 2nd round of interview with Prudential as a management trainee as well. However, I’m more keen for DFS. Nonetheless, good to have a ‘back up’ job waiting for me. Deshou? *Yawn* Tired. Me thinks me will go for a nap. *Smile*

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