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I’m currently listening to John Legend and he is goooood. Oh gosh…I wished my hands could fly across the piano like him and have that same R&B tone. Ah well…I’ve got to live with the voice that God gave me. 😉

Thanks to Ng Wei, I managed to get the latest Acidman album. Now, all of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering who the hell Acidman are. Well, they’re a 3 man band with the lead vocalist as their main song writer/lyricists. They produce their own music too. All of them are graduates as well. They’re not an underground band but neither are they mainstream. They’re kinda straddling between those two but they’ve got a faithful following in Japan. My favourite song of theirs is ‘Suisha’, from Casshern OST and you guys can check their MV out in youtube. Anyway, back to Acidman. The lead is very talented. He even designs their album covers and some of the art inside the CD sleeve. He tends towards water paints and more Chinese calligraphy type of drawings. He’s not too hard on the eyes either. HEee….

Well, there’s of course Gackt and his Chinese counterpart Wang Lee Hom who are my favourites too. Let-chan pointed out that I like talented artistes. Yes…I do and I don’t particularly like them just because I think they’re so hot or what. More like, I wanna be them. I want to possess their talents and to write songs and perform them. Just like all these people are doing. Nonetheless, I know that I can barely make it on their scale of musical talent. That probably explains why music is so important in my life and I can constantly dream about performing….hahah…not to mention having romantic trysts with said artistes. *GRINS*

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