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Woot! I just got a call…and I’ve got an interview with DFS tomorrow! Yippee! There’s hope left!! Haha…well…wish me all the best for this interview ‘cos it’s one of the last few interesting jobs that I applied and actually WANT it. I’ve got another interview tomorrow after the DFS one…a job that I was sorta headhunted for. What do I mean? Well, the person who called said that she got my CV from a recruitment agency….that I was recommended for the job. What’s the company name? Errr….I kinda forgot…haha..I’m so bad. Ah well…we’ll see tomorrow. Formal wear *sigh* blazer? やだ!!!

Another set of news is that I now have a maid. Yes. In my cramped apartment. Why do I have a maid? Well, mainly because my granny sorta tore a ligament (not serious though) and we need someone to take care of her when there’s nobody at home. This is especially so when I do start working. Furthermore, we’ve been so busy with our own activities that the house needs someone to clean. Baileys has been reactinv weirdly to the maid. I have no idea whether he’s in a rebellious mood or not…but on Sunday, he peed 3 times in the living room, twice in my room and once in mum’s room. On Monday, he peed in my parents’ room again. This morning, he pooped in the living room. Ah well…he just has to get used to her. Anyway, guess what’s her name? It’s Katong. I can imagine all the Singaporeans laughing now. She’s from Burma/Myanmar (call it what you like according to your political stance) and she’s a Bapist!! Interesting isn’t it? Anyway…I should go and walk Baileys soon…make him happy! I love my poochie…*muaks*

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