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I told my mum about my good results this semester and this was how the conversation played out:

Me: Oh! I got 3A’s, 2A-‘s and 1B- this semester! *Grin*
Mum: Does that mean you’re getting 1st class or what class?
Me: Nah…only a 2nd lower.
Mum: Felicity got 1st class.
Gor: What has that information got to do with her (ie. me)?
Me: Stop comparing.
Mum: Not comparing.
Gor: What relevance has it got to…
Mum: Felicity’s her friend so I’m just telling her.
Me: I tell you something that I’m happy about and what do you say? You tell me that Felicity got 1st class honours.

At this point in time, I just remembered why I never bother telling my mum my uni results. Nothing’s ever praise-worthy and there will be constant comparison, despite her denial. But her denial is so under-disguised. If I ever become a parent, I think I’ll try very hard to NOT become like my mum. I’ll give praise because my child put in effort. He/she doesn’t have to do it perfectly. Ah well…what matters is that I know that I did well this semester and I’ve given myself a pat on the back…not to mention I treated myself to Hokkai tororo at Waraku *grin*. It’s delicious…but if you hate slimy stuff, my advice is to stay away from it.

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