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The nagging has begun…my mum called me today to ask whether I’ve got any interviews lined up and whether I’ve been sending out applications. And she also mentioned that I look very relaxed. Duh. Am I meant to sweat things out? Being stressed doesn’t make a job come any sooner. How irritating. *Sigh* as for the job, I’m probably going for a 2nd round of interviews with Goldman Sachs for a 4 mth contract job. I was a little apprehensive about a 4 mth contract but I figured that it would give me a short enough working time to let me realise whether I like the banking/financial industry or not. Moreover, I intend to go for a 2 week holiday in December so a 4 mth contract would actually be perfect. Ooh…my goal to become an eternal optimist is working! Hahaha….

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