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I feel that I’m wasting my time with my student. He didn’t do my homework. Again. He lost the newspaper that he needs for his holiday homework and he used 1 hour of my time to search for it. After that 1 hour, he still couldn’t find it. He’s such a disorganised, cluttered, messy and illogical person. *Sigh* I really wonder whether he’s socially equipped to live independently without his parents and maid. His maid is like his personal secretary. My ‘dear’ student can’t arrange his schedule on his own! He doesn’t know when exactly he’s free and when he’s not. I managed to finish 3/4 of my book thanks to his puttering around the house in search of the elusive newspaper.

The highlight of today has to be meeting up with Li Yan and borrowing Gackt concert DVDs from her. Ureshii!! Hehehe…..Gackt!! I found out from Li Yan that Gackt organises tours with his fans every year. *Jaw drops* Oh my gosh…I really want to be one of those lucky fans…but yet at the same time, I don’t think I wanna jostle with those fans. I’d rather be a journalist who gets to interview Gackt one-on-one. Anyway, Gackt is another Anglophile…best way to attract his attention is to be a Caucasian fan. Haha…anyway, I also found out from Li Yan that he was once married to a Korean too…*jaw drops again*.

Had to leave Li Yan to go for a 2nd round of interview with Prudential. I’ve been duped. I was told that the position was for a Management Trainee…but it’s just another glorified term for insurance agent in a managerial position. They even made me read an article on the team that’s hiring!! Gosh. Talk about ego. The article was very badly written. Seriously. Full of grammatical errors AND she wasn’t persuasive enough. The title of the article was “The New Wave of Leadership”…ok…but there wasn’t any mention of the old kind of leadership. The so-called new wave of leadership seems like a trend that has been going on for the past 5 years. To me, that’s not new. As the author didn’t contrast the old wave of leadership with the new, I don’t see how ‘good’ and ‘effective’ this new wave is. To me, it was too general and was just marketing BS. Of course I didn’t say that to the manager interviewing me. I just said that the magazine needs a better editor ‘cos the article was rather badly written, with lots of grammar errors, disjointed sentences and wasn’t persuasive enough. Yes, as you have guessed it, I was into “Bitch mode”. Why? Simply because I don’t want the job. Haha…I doubt I’ll hear from them again. Yay. I’ve rejected ALL the insurance companies in Singapore!! Woot!! Rejected financial advisory firms too!! Haha…lalala…*does a little dance*

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