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I half hate my current lifestyle. I’ve got no job…so I hate it ‘cos I’ve got no income and I’m still relying on my parents. I like it ‘cos I’m free to go for my yoga classes in the afternoon, I can wake up late and I get to laze around the house. However, it’s hard to meet up with friends or to pick up the phone and simply talk to them ‘cos it seems that everyone’s working. Those who aren’t working are busy with their family (spending time with their family etc.) or have prior appointments. I still have NO word from DFS so please stop asking. I won’t know until I do get a call and I’ve been telling people that I probably won’t get a call until the end of this month!! Why do you people still insist on asking me about it?? Thanks for your concern but I will tell you guys once I do know myself. Anyway, about the DFS job. Out of the 8 of us who have gone for the phone interview, they’re not going to hire 5. They’ve got 5 vacanies but they’ve also started yet another batch of interviews for the position of management trainee. *Sigh* This means that my chances of being hired has just dropped a notch. Who knows how many they’ll hire from my batch? 2? 3? 1? They only hired 1 from the previous batch of interviews. Gosh. Talk about competition. I’m starting to think that I screwed up my phone interview. Paranoia? Perhaps.

Another thing, I’m pissed with Kaiwei today. He was supposed to meet me at 12 today for lunch and then yoga. He completed blew me off! I called him on his mobile but it was turned off. I rang his apartment’s security door but nobody answered. Sheesh. I hate it when people stand me up. Arghs. Ah well…his loss. Yoga today was really good. I felt that I had a good workout. I think I should start jogging or swimming too…in order to make my body more flexible and pliable. Haha…I’m really inflexible now. My fitness peak was in uni yr1 sem1. *sigh* need to retrain liao. Yoosh!

Despite my enthusiasm, I still feel a sense of restlessness. There’s no purpose in my life right now. I want that DFS job. I shall look a little more short term now I guess. *sigh*

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