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Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for the past week…so I shall do a day by day update!

Went to HSBC Tree top walk with my bro’s colleagues. Judging from the photos, you would think that Singapore didn’t have high-rise buildings. Haha..it was nice to be with nature and to see green living things. Wish we had a more interesting guide…but ah well…I learnt lots and I would bring Allison there if she ever comes to Singapore! Did you know that Singapore still has patches of primary forest?

Monday to Tuesday:
Yours truly got horribly ill and was reccuperating at home. In other words, I was sleeping all day and when I wasn’t sleeping, I was watching my dramas on youtube. Haha…I love it…I have finished watching the kdramas “My Girl” and “Goong” as well as a Taiwanese drama “It started with a kiss” on youtube.

Met up with fellow JS classmates and hung out with them for the whole day. Had fun making okonomiyaki and feeling drowsy and icky thanks to the weather.

Finished more albums from ATW!! Hhaha….yeah, I know, it’s been a year. I still have 2 more albums to complete. Can’t wait to finish them.

Friday (today):
Went to my student’s place this morning. He didn’t do my work again. My blood pressure didn’t rise though. I can’t keep hupping on him. It’s really up to him to shape up if he wants his grades to improve. Ah well. Went home after wasting my time at his place (I did manage to read an X-men comic though). Had my DFS phone interview at 2pm and boy was it intensive and long. Although she told me that it wasn’t a test…we all know that it’s still an interview and I could get cut out. She did tell me that half of the 16 people who went for the discussion meeting didn’t make it to this round. I’m not particularly shocked and I am happy but as Sing said, if I don’t make it to the next round, the heartache is going to be worse. Yes, there will be another 2 more rounds of interviews with the senior execs. Those 2 senior execs are currently overseas and won’t be back until the end of the month, so the HR manager told me that she’s trying to organise a conference meeting asap so that they can decide who will go for the next round of interviews. *Grits teeth and crosses all fingers and toes* I WANT THE JOB!! Okies…will keep you guys posted.

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