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I’ve been reading all my friends’ blogs recently and I realise that I shouldn’t be bitching about my life. I am grateful that I’ve got a job that pays relatively well and I am not bankrupt and am living rather comfortably. I’ve got great friends (muahs and hugs to all of you) and my colleagues are very understanding too. I plan to take my JLPT2 in dec although I feel that it’s impossible for me to pass it. I’ve only got barely 3 months to revise all that I’ve learnt as well as to learn new grammar/vocabulary etc. I need a Japanese tutor and I need to be self-disciplined enough to study on my own. I don’t want to spend anymore moolah on lessons. I’ve already spent a bomb on a suit (sing: we’re in the same boat) as I have to wear more formal attire during IPO luncheons or when clients come over and I decide just to join those luncheons. My body has adjusted to my working hours and I’m feeling less exhausted than before. Good news yeah? Another thing that I’m looking forward to is a year end holiday! It’s going to be my belated grad trip! Anyway, I’m waiting for Sing and Chow to finally fix the 9th as their ROM day so that I can plan my dec as my colleague wants to take leave during the Christmas week to see her hubby in Canada. As for now, it’s PIA-ing time!!! Study, study, benkyoushimasu!!!

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