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As days go by…I feel more and more like a secretary cum travel agent. Stupid clients keep asking us to book hotels for their bosses just cos we’ve got corp rates. And they’re shameless about it. Some of them book and then cancel and then book again. Hello. We’re busy people too. We don’t sit at our desks just waiting for your emails. I get, on average, at least 1 email per min.

Anyways, yes…secretary…I don’t get it. I feel as if I’m slowly being pushed all the menial tasks that even my senpai (the one who’s training/trained) me doesn’t want to do. She fwds me emails asking me to do things that she could’ve easily emailed over to the person-in-charge. Sheesh. Ok…I’m ranting. But I’m really sick of making reservations, bking cabs, grabbing tissue, photocopying stuff (I nearly killed the photocopier today) and having to deal with this 1 person who refuses to answer her phone calls!! She could even tell me, “Melissa, you need to pick up the phone. Especially if it’s a trading line.” EXCUSE ME. I pick up the phone most of the time…esp YOUR calls!! The traders ALWAYS pick their phone up unless they’re, of course, on the line with someone else. Even my MD picks up her own calls after a couple of rings. Hah. I found it quite hilarious today that she threw a note pad at the said senpai and then immediately apologised by saying, “Oh oh oh…I meant whether that is yours or not. I didn’t mean it. Sorry sorry.” HAHAHAHAAH….her memory’s pretty good…especially afer she threw her itinerary at senpai 2 mths ago and that caused senpai to be so mad that she actually went “WHAT THE F*&K! WHO THE HELL IS SHE? SO F**KING UNPROFESSIONAL.” Mind you, we’re on the trading floor, so the whole floor heard her. Hur hur…today was almost deja vu.

Anyways….Christmas is coming! YAY! This means that for a period of time there wouldn’t be people marketing, no companies having IPOs and no management doing roadshows!! Happiness!! I can then plan my wonderful Christmas eve party! *Grinz* Okies…enough of my whinging…I need to sleep. Nites!

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