Chap gor meh a.k.a. yuan xiao jie a.k.a. Chinese Valentines’ Day!

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It’s the 15th day!! Time to throw oranges into the river, stroll hand in hand with your other half and to 赏月。Ah well…to me, it’s just another Sunday…having to work tomorrow….*sigh* I think weekends should be 3 days. 2 days isn’t enough to do everything else…shop, run errands, meet up with friends and family, exercise, walk dog, catch up on sleep, party…etc. We’re working too damn hard. Agree?

Anyway, I’m feeling a lot happier these days as I feel that I shouldn’t be forcing myself to like a product when it doesn’t fit. Sure, I can put in a lot of effort and learn it and then go on to be in sales. However, due to my lazy nature as well as a small little ‘epihany’…knowing that you’re capable and doing it are 2 separate things. We should listen to ourselves and when we do something that pleases ourselves, we gain happiness. My best advice to anyone would be to hop around for a couple of years if you’re as lost and aimless as I am (most of us are, I’m sure). There are always pressure from family, friends and even current colleagues to press on in that exact same job or in that field. However, we need to listen to god’s soft prompting inside. We don’t listen to our instincts enough and we care too much about material things. Yes, it’s important to have $ to survive but it’s just as important to take that risk and do something that may be more rewarding to our personal lives. We only need enough money to survive well enough…excess is well, excess. 🙂

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