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I managed to get free invites to Velvet Dragon’s official launch party, which was held on Fri, 8 June. So…me and the gals went down there to party! I really needed it that day because I had faced so much crap on Friday itself (all the crap decided to occur on FRIDAY!) and I really needed to unwind. Anyway, had a wonderful time in the end as I haven’t clubbed for ages AND we actually managed to meet 3 nice guys thanks to Moon! 🙂 One of them wanted to get to know Moon better and his 2 friends were tagging along and helping him out. Ahahaha…the 3 stooges. They’re nice and all…but I think Moon’s against getting to know any of them better (esp the one who wants to get to know her better!!). Ok…managed to get a few pics!

I’m not drunk ok…I just had a bad hair day.
The model with the f&*^ing thick and gorgeous hair!!!! It belongs on Sing’s and my head. Damn him. Yes I’m jealous.

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