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Power Packed days!! HAHahaha…

Well, on the Friday that I didn’t work…my dear bestie L called me at 9am!! What for you ask? All for the combi to my laptop lock. I told my ex-IT guy and his reaction was “wtf? what for? yeah…she’s tactless like this.” Uh huh. Who wakes up at freaking 9am on their holiday? Sheesh.

Anyways, at 10:30am, a friend called me and we spoke for a good hour. Thanks dear S for your concern and advice. I will definitely let you know if I ever decide to be a P banker and I highly appreciate your help in asking whether anyone wants to take over part of my wine portfolio.

Thanks Lee Cheng informing me about the lobang in your firm, but I really need to think about a perm asst role since I left my 1st firm to my 2nd in order to rise above a secretarial position.

I really do feel the love. Clients replied with a “WHaaaaat?? Where are you going?” and other sorts of concerned messages. I do know how blessed I am. Thank you Clare for your most thoughtful gift. You truly are a good person who, unbelievably, are still able to stick to your principles in this society or industry where bad mouthing and back stabbing are common.

Anyways….Friday, I watched “Forbidden Kingdom” with Sing, Haley & Jolene. Such a cheesy movie. Ok…people will still watch it in Asia thanks to Jet Li and Jackie Chan (Li Bing Bing’s quite hot too) but…it’s a movie that is obviously pandering to the Western gaze. Cheesy.

The movie ended at 11pm but Sing and I ended up eating and chatting until 2am. Wow…when was the last time we stayed up till that time to actually chit chat? Sadly…we’re now a duo rather than a trio. What happened to Moon? Well…its always her job. *sigh* Work-life balance my dear. Work-life balance.

Ok…fast forward to Saturday and well….typical lazy Saturday. Did I go anywhere? Only church. Fast turning into a hermit. My plan is to pack all the other activities onto the weekdays so that my weekends are really to slack.

Funny thing happened on the day that I quit – I actually got to know a client a lot better on a personal level. We always met during events but we hardly spoke. However, I noticed that he had just returned from Bali on facebook so I sent him a msg asking him whether he has any recommendations…soon, he added me on his msn list and started to pour out his emotional woes to me. Anyway…the pt is tht he sent me a clip about the Canon Rock and then I sent him a link to Miyavi’s “Selfish Love” on youtube. Since I had nothing better to do, I started looking through all Miyavi’s videos and I even started d/l-ing his songs. I am now a FAN of Miyavi!! He is a guitar genius!! The jaw-dropping OMG kind of guitar genius. Check out the clip!!

Miyavi, Gackt, Yoshiki and Sugiko joined up to form the super band called S.K.I.N but the irritating thing is that they haven’t released a single/ album yet. Hello…it has been a year since they debuted at the Anime Expo in LA. How long more do we have to wait….? All 4 of them are serious artistes. They play the violin, piano, guitar, drums and are all super accomplished musicians. I like super talented, quirky artistes. I wish I had an ounce of their talents. 😛

Why can’t these J rockers come to Singapore? Closest they ever get to us is in Taiwan….*sigh*

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