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I’m so bored at work…I’m literally wasting my time here since my last day is on Thu.

Anyway, I got super pissed off with my dog last night. I realised that he had climbed up onto my bed yesterday morning and ate up my chocolated coated corn!! I had only eaten 1/3 of the pack. He also ate up my lollipop. Mind you…it wasn’t placed at the edge of the table!! Conclusion: my dog is a greedy dog with a stomach made out of lead. I didn’t know about the chocolate eating business until I came home and he wasn’t hyper/ vomitting or whatever. Stupid dog. This behaviour is further encouraged by my grandma who just gives him food! What irritates the most is that she throws food onto the floor, gives him MILO (more chocolate…arghs), pork from our soup and/ or half eaten food from her plate. My dog is NOT a rubbish dump. He’s a well fed pooch. ARGHS.

Oh…on a lighter note, I found out that my ex-colleague is pregnant and expecting in October! Congrats Clara jie jie!!! I’m so happy for her. 😀 Now…trying to pressurise Irene to get a baby too…hahahahaha.

Anyway, tomorrow is my firm’s Corporate Challenge and I intend to run the 5.6km all the way!!!! Woohoo…will tell you guys how it went tomorrow….or Thu.


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