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Today, we celebrated my parents’ birthday since their birthdays are only 3 days apart. I treated them to lunch at Le Papillon located at Red Dot Building. It was a very lovely lunch where the food was excellent and I just love that place. The sad thing was that I heard that they’ll be winding down end May. There goes another wonderful restaurant. *sigh* that’s what you get when you locate your restaurant in the CBD. Anyway, here are the pics!

Mum with the bouquet of tulips that I got for her.
The Beef Shin that Dad & I ordered.
The Sea Bass that Mum ordered. 

Dad eyeing the Sea Bass that Mum ordered. Hmmm….nah…Beef’s better!
The wonderful dessert of the day. I love this part. You never know what you’re getting and today, it’s chocolate mousse on a bed of glazed dried fruits and bits of meringue biscuits. This actually wowed mum.The special birthday treat that I had asked the restaurant to arrange. The chocolate fondant was paired with a heavenly scoop of ice cream. We were so busy gobbling it up that I couldn’t figure out whether it was a caramel flavoured ice cream or something else. It sure wasn’t plain vanilla.The Aftermath…..

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