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I forgot to blog about this on Monday. I met a bunch of Korean Christians outside Queenstown MRT and guess what? They’re preaching about God the Mother. While that is fine with me, they started saying that Catholics and other Christians are following the ways of men and not the Bible. What the…by then, I was really getting upset. How dare they say that! I told them that I like to believe that God is asexual (ie. neither male nor female). She went on saying NO. God is the Mother also and then she quoted a passage from Revelations stating that the Spirit (which she insisted was God the Father) and the bride blah blah blah (sorry…I can’t remember the full quote). “Who is this bride?” she went on, “It is God the Mother.”

I told her outright that I’m Catholic and that the Trinity is God, which is the Father, the Son and the Spirit. I also like to think that God isn’t just male but female too…as in gender neutral. Then she went into attack mode. “Catholics and other Christians don’t follow the Bible. They follow the way of man. Christmas isn’t the birthday of Jesus. Men came up with the date. Take rest on the Sabbath. The Sabbath isn’t Sunday, it is Saturday.”

Ok. It is true that Christmas and Easter aren’t the exact dates of Jesus’ birth and rising from the dead respectively. Nonetheless, it is an open fact AND it is just our human way of worshipping and showing respect for these 2 events. So…she’s attacking human’s inability to calculate the dates correctly? Isn’t she and her ‘church’ doing the same thing as Catholics and Protestants? She’s quoting the Bible and proclaim to be following the teachings in there. I got so pissed off and she got just as pissed as me. It would’ve continued to be a pissing match if I didn’t shake my head and left. Seriously, does it matter what gender God is? Isn’t it more important to know that he/she exists and to rely on him/her? Ah well…misguided faith is scary.

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