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The after effect of a crazy 30 Apr….

1:00 am Slept. Was watching my Japanese movie while waiting for my hair to dry….
7:30 am Alarm clock rang
9:00 am Brought granny to Alexandra Hospital for her dementia care-givers workshop
3:35 pm The workshop finally ends!!
4:05 pm Reach home. Very tired. Need sleeeeeppppp…*sleeps*
4:25 pm Told Wati to wake me up at 4:15 pm but she didn’t!!!
4:45 pm Came out of the shower. Shit. How am I suppose to meet Let-chan @ 5?
5:05 pm Left house and jumped into a cab.
5:30 pm Reached the Cathay, met up with Let chan and realised that “Street Kings” was no longer showing. Crap.
5:45 pm Went to Gelare for ice cream and long chat.
7:40 pm Left Plaza Sing for Barfly
8:00 pm Reached Barfly and I was the only one there?? WTH. Upset that there’s no Ladies Set.
8:25 pm Melissa Li reached Barfly..finally. Thanks to traffic. She’s upset about the Ladies Set too.
9:15 pm Jiak arrives just as we were about to polish off the last bits of our food.
10:30pm Leave Barfly…Mel L draws $.
11:00pm Arrive @ Attica. Got in free!! Weeee~~~~
3:00 am Left Attica for supper @ Spize (again…*yawn*)
4:00 am Arrived home. Eh…Wati didn’t put out my underwear. Can only change…no shower? (O_o) *pout*
5:00 am Tyra show ends. Ok…tired enough to sleep.
11:20am *Hears doggie and voices* *grumble* Need to pee…dreamily walks into toilet. Dog follows.
12:02pm Baileys wants to get out. *grumble*
1:14 pm Mum barges in and go “It’s 1pm already lah! Wake up!” I replied that I wanna sleep. She retorted, “Then don’t come home so late lah!” *groan*
1:20 pm Ok…I yank myself to the loo to brush my teeth. Chey…lunch isn’t fully cooked yet. Hmm..bed looks interesting again. *yawn*
1:30 pm Makan.

Calories burnt during clubbing: 900 (I was dancing straight for 2.5 hrs)
Calories from Sex @ Barfly: 180
Calories from Vodka Cranberry: 172
Calories from Long Island Tea (shared with Jiak): ~90
Calories from Snowball: ~180
Calories from Roti Prata (with egg): 289
Calories from Lime Juice: ~50

Conclusion: I have 60 unburnt calories. Damn. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that roti prata. Hahaaaa….

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