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Am I turning into a designer freak? My latest item of lust is the Fendi Baguette. So called as it was inspired by the long french bread. But Fendi’s an Italian brand. Anyway, they’ve got a design contest going on only for Asia and the winner gets an internship with Fendi! Way cool! I’ve dabbled with a couple of designs and I am seriously addicted to designing a bag one after the other ( Trouble is that it takes a lot longer to save a work than to submit it (limited to 1 a day)…therefore I didn’t save all my whimsical ones.
This one I entitled it as “Starburst”. My inspiration? Bling and the idea of fireworks. So pink…so me…hahaha.
This one I call “Ideal Earth” as the colours are very vibrant and obviously…ideal for what our earth should resemble. I shall not go start talking about environmentalism….I can write enough on that and submit it as a paper. 😉

I’m thinking of designing another one that has a gothic theme, ala Emily Strange. But I don’t want it toooo gothic until I’ll scare off the normal people.

By the way, you guys can go to the ground floor of Isetan Scotts to check out the Fendi exhibition where they asked celebrities to design their ideal Fendi baguette.

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