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In the MRT yesterday, I noticed this lady (who was sitting down) staring at my bag. Now, I’m quite used to people glancing at my Miu Miu because it IS a nice bag. However, I found out a minute later why she was staring at it so intently and then glancing at me before glancing away. It was because she was carrying a fake by Charles & Keith (think back to my earlier post)!!! Haha…how embarassing it must’ve been for her. She went out her way to avoid walking next to me when she alighted, although there was ample space beside me for her to move into. That kinda made my day *wry laugh* things to help perk me up on Mondays…..

What really perked me up though was the foot reflex that I did last evening. If you ever decide to do a foot reflexology at True Spa, ask for Francis!! I never experienced all the talk about painful feet massages until yesterday. He really knew which points to press and therefore let me know which organ to look out for. Example: at the side of your left big toe is the point that corresponds with your sinuses. He was rubbing it (not very hard, actually) and it hurt. It wasn’t scream-worthy kind of painful but it wasn’t a pleasant sensation for sure. I was crinching and he went “your sinuses aren’t very clear”. Well…those who know me should already know that yes, I’ve got sinus problems and it didn’t help that I had just recovered from a cold. After that, he was rubbing the right foot at the right side and I was saying that it hurt too. That part corresponds to the shoulders…which are perpetually stiff 😛 Oh man..I can get addicted to this foot massage thing. Kinda reminds me of the foot reflex that I got in Bali and was so relaxed to the point of falling asleep. MMmmm….when should I schedule my next foot massage???

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