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I am most definitely a designer freak. I have lusted over and purchased the Dior Gaucho bag. Well, it was on 50% sale in London’s Selfridges….*innocent look* and if Gor was able to claim VAT, it’ll be 10% less. It was really a good steal and here are my reasons to get it despite my not too healthy bank account….

1. I’ve been looking at that bag for a LOOONNNNGGGGG time but have always thought it crazy but it’s close to 3k here in Singapore.

2. It will only take me around 2 months to save for the bag but it’ll most likely last me for 10 yrs especially when its full leather

3. I’ve got savings locked up in investments, which is already working hard and I see about 10% returns on that even after 5% sales fee. Only downside is that its illiquid and I can’t take out any sum now just to pay for me bag 🙁

4. I can finally replace my cheapo yellowing white bag!

5. Designer bags have resale value. So even if there was the chance that I get bored of this bag, I can sell it away. Yes, the value depreciates upon purchase but at least I get some money back, right?

My bro was ‘scolding’ me over the phone as to how I didn’t need another expensive bag because I already have my Miu Miu and that the cost of the bag is more than half my take home pay etc. Gor – if you were going to dissuade me from getting the bag, you shouldn’t have announced that Selfridges was having a summer sale and asked whether I wanted anything.

Anyway…my bro’s going to pass it to his friend who’ll be coming over in mid-July and I can’t wait to get my hands on the bag and smell the leather. I really love the smell of leather bags….especially expensive leather bags that are well designed and everyone else is lusting over *evil laugh*. Now, if you’re going to fork out a huge chunk of change for a designer bag, make sure that its leather and its going to last! I don’t understand people who are willing to pay $800 for designer bags made of PVC or cloth. Obviously you’re buying for the sake of showing others that you can afford a designer bag. Puhleese…don’t fall into the trap of the mindless pursuit of designer goods. No…I’m not the pot calling the kettle black. My pursuit’s not mindless….hahhaaha….

Ok…enough said…here’s the bag!!

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