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Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Lalaalalala~~

I went to work in the morning as I had only taken half day off and the thing I love about taking afternoon leave is that the morning just zips on by…*whoosh*

Went to NUS to meet Letitia and Eddie for lunch in the new Arts canteen. For those freshies, they will never think it as new. They cannot imagine the old Arts canteen where there were 3 distinct levels – Heaven (that’s where all the food is), Earth (earthlings eat here) and Hell (where all the smokers hang out). Sure, its brighter and has more tables now but a canteen is still a canteen and its packed during lunch time.

Crashed into Tianfa-senpai’s tutorial!! Oh gosh…I felt so old back in NUS. I miss uni life. I really do. I love it that slippers/ sandals/ shorts and jeans are a staple wear in uni. Where learning was fun and you could discuss ideas and feel as if your comments are really well heard. You felt like you had a brain. Hahaha….I think that applies only to me at the moment. Am tempted to do a masters now…lalala….

Ok, the reason why I took the afternoon off wasn’t because I was feeling like reminiscing about my uni life BUT it was for the talk by Jim Rogers. For those who do not know who Jim Rogers is, pls google him. To show his guru status, he set up the Quantum Fund with George Soros. Now, please tell me that you’ve heard of George Soros.

Jim was funny, entertaining and straight talking. You can tell that he’s very intelligent and he doesn’t mince his words. He does work and play really hard. What sets these men apart from us mere folks, I feel, is their sense of foresight. You don’t just think what happens in 3, 5yrs time, think further ahead and really factor in ALL factors. Look to history to see trends and of course, use tons of common sense. I hope that one day, I will accumulate the same amt of wealth that he has in order to enjoy life the way he does. Travelling around the world in a customised WAY cool yellow Merc.

After the talk, parents picked me up and we went to Tsukune Ichigo @ River Valley for dinner. I highly recommend making a reservation because its a small restaurant and they’re packed. They’re well known for their yakitori (skewered chicken) and they’re REALLY REALLY good!! We’re talking $2/ $3 per stick and min order of 2 sticks of each type but its really worth it. I can’t go back to Tori Q or QuickBites anymore. Spoilt tastebuds. It now knows what truly yummy yakitori tastes like.

It looks pricey from outside but don’t be fooled by the closed wooden doors. Expect to pay around $20/ pax but at top notch quality. You step into the place and the first impression that hits you is the number of Japanese in there. I felt like a foreigner in my own country.

God is definitely in the details. Check out the paper holders for toothpicks!

Mum’s spring rolls. Looks vegetarian but there are pieces of chicken meat inside and the sesame sauce that came along with it just made it fab!

Edamame – polished off!

Part of the interesting wood furniture used in the restaurant.

Chicken fillets – the one on the left is topped with yuzu (citrus) shio (salt) while the one on the bottom right is topped with mayo mentaiko (spicy cod roe).

Gizzards!! Yummy!!!

Show me them hearts!! Chicken hearted! Super yummy!!!

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