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I’ve already done all the prep work that I can for this Sat’s tea party and I’m nervous as hell. I’m going into semi-panic mode and thinking of worst case scenario where I don’t sell a single piece of jewellery!! *SHOCK & HORROR* Oh well…I’ve got a few 2nd hand books on sale too… =P What if they don’t sell either??!! Ok ok…I need to breathe.

Calm and cool Mel is back. Oh…after helping out in Wince’s Fx trading class last night, I think I can turn into Yoda soon. As much as I admire the elderly improving themselves by learning new skills (yes…by learning fx trading), teaching them really tests one’s patience. Thank goodness I have had experience being a tutor. I have to repeat myself a gazillion times because elders can’t remember. They tend to be quite allergic to computers too…hmmms…I love it when one of them kept telling me, “I’m very bad at computers.” Haha…but dude! To trade, you need your computer!! Ah well…I think its just fear of new technology. Wait till they learn about twitter etc. LOL.

Anyway, since I’ve already done all that I can for my tea party, I just wanna refresh some of your memories about the details:

Date: Sat, 14 Mar
Time: 2.30pm-5.30pm
Venue: 42 Tras Street, 3F (Tanjong Pagar MRT, exit A)

Look out for the signs “OCT 1983 Tea Party” or “Forex Driving School”.

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