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I went to Malaysia with my mum yesterday for a durian trip! YES…it was a whole day full of stuffing our faces with food! Woke up at 6 am (I know…how rare I do so after graduating from secondary school) to reach our church (mum’s church friend organised the whole package tour) at 6.45am and the bus departed for Malaysia at 7am. I slept all the way, waking up only to pass through immigration (I love our automated passport system).

The feasting began at 9am where we had a dim sum breakfast in some small town in the state of Johore. Lots of locals go there too…so the quality was quite good. All of us held back on the eating because we were saving our stomachs for…durians! After that quick dim sum breakfast, it was back onto the bus and another 3 hour drive north towards lunch.

Tada….our lunch!!! Get this: this was a durian buffet!! They will keep topping up your durians as soon as you’ve finished one and you can eat as much as you want! No packing though…if you want to buy any durians back, there are the top notch ones selling at RM25/kg or the slightly lower grade ones at RM15/kg. The durian buffet had a mix of really good ones and some were total crap (watery or hard or tasteless). We had to insist that they bring us D101 durians that the lovely yummy creamy yellow fleshed ones were coming to our table. Mmm….durians….I positively stuffed myself silly with the king of fruits until I felt my belly expand to twice its normal size. I think I might’ve eaten 3 durians alone.

Check out the aftermath….

That is what is left after I threw away 90% of the seeds. I know…you’re thinking that I’m such a pig. Haha…but it’s durians!!! I wished I could’ve taken more pics but I had one hand swatting away flies while the other was holding onto durians. There were soooo many flies that there wasn’t enough time for me to take a photo of an opened durian before the irritating black ones will cover the durians. Uh huh…the fly situation was THAT bad. Those stupid flies are brave enough to land on your hand while you’re eating! Ugh. Anyhows, despite the flies, the very good durians were totally WORTH IT!! 😀

After all of us were stuffed, the tour guide ferried us to some store that sold local products like dried fruits, chocolated coated fruits, various cookies and coffees. I was sooo full, the thought of trying the samples of dried fruits just made me feel like puking. Mum and I settled for a drink of honey lemon/lime to aid in our digestion and to prevent us from developing a cough thanks to the ‘heaty’ durians.

Heheh…after that, the ‘real’ shopping began. We were brought to the 2nd largest Jusco in Malaysia (largest is in Malacca) where mum and I bought a few DVDs, a book on jewellery (mm…I’m anticipating new designs!) and tons of Guilinggao. My gosh. The Guilinggao were half price compared to Singapore!!! Well…we didn’t really wanted to shop, so I think our stash is quite reasonable, compared to our fellow travel mates who went home with twice the no. of bags than they came with. Mum and I were thirsty so we found this bubble tea stall in the shopping centre and that was the WORST bubble tea I have ever drunk in my whole entire life. What a total rip off!!

Then came dinner. Yes…there’s more food involved. It was at a Chinese restaurant and I felt like I was eating some Chinese wedding dinner. There was shark’s fin soup, cold dish, fried chicken, steamed fish, broccoli with mushroom, stir-fried cuttlefish with chilli (this was very yummy), herbal prawns and cut fruit. I was still full from lunch so I hardly ate the spread that was in front of me. Was starting to feel super sleepy as well, so I didn’t even bother to take any photos. The end of dinner also signalled the end of our day trip.

I still smell durians around me…but I don’t think I’ll be eating any durians for the next couple of months. 😛

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