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Life has been described to be that of a roller coaster, a stage and even a box of chocolates.
It’s all that.
And more.

Like a roller coaster, there’s a bottom and a top.
There are times where you feel like throwing up.
There are times where it’s thrilling and exciting.
However, unlike the roller coaster
You don’t know when your journey is going to end.
The upturns, the spirals no longer thrill you at some point.

A stage where we are all actors, Shakespeare once wrote.
How true.
We put on masks and play our different roles as the audience dictates.
Ever feel like the masks are going to crumble?
Or perhaps you’re just an empty shell?
Worse are those who play the role of the villain but see themselves as the hero.
The clown is ok…they add humour to the play that we call Life.

Forrest Gump must’ve gotten the chocolate bit wrong.
“You’re never know what you’re gonna get,” he said.
That part is oh so true
But when you buy a box of chocolates, you bloody know whether you’re buying truffles, dark chocolate, chips or whatever.
And a box of chocolate is always sweet
Maybe bittersweet, if you bought 70% dark cocoa.
Life is more like a candy store next to a rubbish dump.
You’ve got your standard sugar candy, peppermint (ooh…spicy), sours (pucker up!) and those goob balls that are layers of sweet, sour and back to sweet.
And being next to the rubbish dump, you get whiffs of putrid smell while shopping for your sweets.
That’s life.

More than the above, sometimes, life is like being in a gym/ boxing ring.
You may not necessarily want to go and work out
But you have to in order to keep fit or to earn a medal.
Life sure throws you some punches.
Sometimes, it may feel like you’ve been hit by a train.

What do you do when you feel like you’re at the bottom of the roller coaster, sucking on super lemon candy while someone’s punching you from all corners?

I’m waiting.

Waiting to get to the crest, to reach the sweet centre and for the puncher to grow tired. In the meanwhile, I look to the Big Guy up there for guidance. Maybe I’m not on a roller coaster. Maybe I’m not sucking on any candy and maybe nobody’s really there.

We are our own worst enemy.

Perhaps so.

But that’s what makes us human and life is about being human while striving to be more God-like.

Feel the same way? Hang in there. I’m hanging and reaching out. Dear God, I know that you’re always here for me. Help me hang on longer.

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