Customised pieces

When inspiration hits, it really grips you and you cannot shake it off until you give in to it. My colleague passed me some pieces of her semi-precious stones to re-do them into other pieces, especially the earrings because her ears are allergic to non-precious metals. I didn’t take the before pictures because….they’re really quite haphazard and some of them are just crystals.

Anyhows, I’m so proud of these two pieces which I made tonight! I had been thinking about these two designs since this morning when my colleague passed me her stash. The top is a pair of chandelier earrings made with rose quartz hung on 14k gold plated hooks and anchored with strands of 14k gold plated chain.

The bottom is a bracelet which I made by creating spirals with an 18 gauge (if I remember correctly) wire. Instead of chaining them up with single jump rings, I doubled them to give it a slightly chunkier feel. My colleague doesn’t remember what stone that is…but I’m guessing it is agate. Both designs can be seen on the “Customised” page on

I charge according to the amount and cost of materials used and labour. Feel free to contact me for your bespoke pieces!!

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