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Decided to do something that’s really sweet but yet still nail-artish, if you know what I mean.  So, for this design, you do need quite a few bottles of nail polish as well as a heart sticker.  If you don’t have a heart sticker, you can draw a white heart using a dotting tool or a nail art pen.


  • Base coat
  • Light pink base colour
  • Sheer pearl (I used OPI’s pearl silver)
  • Pink glitter with small glitter pieces (I used OPI sparkle)
  • Large pink glitter that has clear polish
  • heart sticker or white polish and dotting tool
  • Top coat
  1. Apply base coat and then 2 coats of the light pink base.
  2. Once the base colour is dry, put on only 1 coat of the pearl shimmer. You can skip this step if you don’t have an equivalent polish OR you can substitute this with Fasio’s silver sparkle polish. You’ll just get more bling all over the nails.
  3. Brush on the small pink glitter only for the bottom half of each nail.
  4. Then, brush on the large pink glitter on the bottom one third of each nail
  5. Stick on the white heart sticker on thumb nails at an angle to make it more interesting.
  6. Finish with top coat for a shine and to seal everything in.

If you’re not using a sticker, wait for the polish to dry before you start dotting a heart on your thumb nail.  You can change the colour to baby blue or any other pastel colours but your glitter has to be the same colour (not shade), otherwise, it may look a little orbit as we like to say here in Singapore.

I like to use this design because it lasts very long as there’s a lot more polish at the tips, which is where the polish usually starts to peel and chip off.  It’s also sophisticated enough for work. Have fun!

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