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Yes, it’s my 1,000th post! I’ve been blogging since I was 20 and it has been 10 years so for this special post, it isn’t going to be about food or nails or fashion or even about my dog.  I was reading my early posts and it is amazing how the tone and topics that I blogged about are the same as what I read online by 17-20 year-olds nowadays! 

Things that I wish I could tell my 20 year-old self plus things that I’ve learnt in my almost-30 years on earth are:

1. Be Humble
Don’t think that just because you’re an adult, you know it all.  Life is an on-going journey and those who have lived on earth longer than you know more by default.  Learn from their experiences, their mistakes and most importantly, from their wisdom.  Nobody likes an arrogant arse.  Yourself included.  I’ve seen so many fresh grads who land jobs in ‘branded’ companies and therefore think that they own the whole world.  You may never know when life will give you a wake up call and then you have to start from scratch.

2. Find a mentor
We all need teachers in our lives.  These can be our friends, colleagues and even relatives.  We can’t do things alone and that’s where mentors can help mould you and motivate you when things are looking dark and dreary.

3. Persevere
I’ve been called stubborn and sometimes, I think of it as a virtue because I may not know everything but there are times when I’ve pushed through ordeals simply because I am too stubborn to accept that I will fail.  I’ve seen so many interns and those whom I like to work with are those who do not give up easily when given even menial tasks and are humble.

4. Find your passion and do not care so much about the money
When I graduated, I joined the Finance industry purely out of materialism.  I wanted to get rich and fast.  In a year, I was burnt out and was jaded by the greed of the industry.  I let myself become easily irritated at others and lacked natural curiosity.  It was only after I was retrenched and went into another industry that I realised what I really liked about the world of Finance/other potential jobs.  I like being creative in a fast paced environment.  I am not saying that money isn’t important (we all want to own a flat one day), but it should not be the main reason why you’re not taking up a job that has been offered to you.  That said, don’t do things for the sake of doing it.

As I turn the big THREE ZERO, I am surprisingly ok with it.  Sure, the number is a irritating because it does mark another huge chapter in my life but then, I don’t feel any different from when I was 25.  Maybe a little more tired and part of my body is breaking down on me.

Also, I really do take to heart what MBella, whom I consider a good friend/ role model/ mentor, told me – You can be better than you are today, but you’re already so good!  I must have faith in myself, in God and that everything happens for a reason.  No point stressing about tomorrow but live today!

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