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As the title reads, I’m honestly sick of being sick/feeling sick. I had a high fever on Wed night 2 weeks ago, causing me to go off on 2 days of medical leave. When that went away (thanks to antibiotics), I was not spared totally and had a cold. That blasted cold lasted all of last week and today!! Took another day of medical leave and went to see the doc who gave me tons of antihistamines (both day and night) and nasal spray.

I just don’t like feeling sick and stuffed up. It’s not just my sinuses that feel stuffed up. My brain feels like cotton wool whenever I’m not feeling well and I hate that feeling. Which is also why I don’t like drinking too much alcohol because I like to be in control of my thoughts instead of it slurring.

Anyway, back to being sick of being sick. Haha. You reread that sentence right? So…cold begone!!

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