Feeling Nostalgic – SCGS Homecoming 2014

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It has been 14 years since I’ve last stepped into my secondary school and this year, it is the 115th anniversary. Thus, SCGS had their Homecoming Carnival and all alumni were invited!

Such a nice feeling to see these familiar green Peranakan tiles. Used to walk along this corridor everyday to get to morning assembly as well as walking to the bus stop to go home.

Shaw Hall on the 2nd floor where we took our major exams, assembly when it rained, Teachers’ Day performances and where we also played badminton during PE. Overlooks the mini amphitheatre (can’t remember the actual name) where for today, they were dunking teachers and students.

On the ground floor is the Gymnasium where we had lessons for half of the year.

The trampolines used to be placed at the left of the gym and we loved jumping on it! Didn’t care too much about the beams and floor exercises.

Managed to take a pic with Ms Heng, who was SCGS’s principal for more than 25 years, and was pleasantly surprised that she remembers me!! After 15 years?!?! She’s the only principal whom I’ve got the most respect for. She really listened to us students and didn’t treat us as mere children but we all knew that she is strict when needed too.

I loved our amphitheatre and how it was such a nice place to just hang out and chill with friends during recess.

Other areas where we could just hang around included the benches in the quandrangle in one section of our classrooms.

The toilets are so spacious and with so many cubicles, we never had to queue to use the loo!

Oh my…the desks are still the same! This was my classroom in Sec 2.

That’s the pond that I used to have to cross in Sec 1 whenever it was time for PE. It was such a peaceful place that’s just outside my Sec 1 classroom and also the centre of the building of classrooms. My Sec 3 and 4 classroom was in this block too…really loved the greenery!

 Our classroom! Used to be nameless but was for Sec 4/5!! Now, all the classes have funky names.

The view from the corridor outside our classroom. You can see the top level which houses the library. We used to lament how we needed to climb down one storey and then climb up another level just to get to the library. There wasn’t a connection on the 4th floor. Boo.

 What’s with this “jinyu”? We’re a Peranakan school! Kim Gek all the way!!! Jinyu…tsk tsk…

This really brought back tons of memories. I used to use a lot of these exercise books back in the days. 🙂

I wrote an entry in the journal that is in the time capsule. I’ll definitely be back in 2049 for the opening and to read my entry! 😀

For the other half of the year that we didn’t jump on trampolines, we had dance lessons. In the largest dance studio, Cubey and I reminisced the ‘torture’ that we endured at a particular dance instructor’s hands and how you smelt him (or rather his CK One) before you saw him.

New addition above the basketball court! Finally have the chance to go look see after driving past so often.

Humongous 2 basketball/netball courts and to the left (not seen) were 4 squash courts. This is a serious MAJOR change.

There’s a freaking gym gym now. It’s better equipped than my condo’s gym! I don’t think I’ll be shocked if 15 years later, there’s a pool.

I had fun today! There is a lot of artwork lining the walls now and it’s amazing how all the art are students’ works and they’re SO good. It has been a long time and yes, I do feel a little old but yet at the same time, I really do enjoy remembering my teenage years. I’m glad that a lot of things haven’t changed but yet it’s quite interesting to note what has. It was quite surprising and fun to note that the drink stall auntie is still the same!! The CCA board positions are still the same!!

I’m not sure about the curriculum now but during my time, I am glad that we had a well-rounded education where we had great teachers who helped us academically but yet we also had tons of fun activities that involved art and culture. How many schools can boast of the fact that every year, we had an annual Sing & Sync competition where we competed on a song and dance item? Cultural day trips were a norm. Camping/travelling overseas as a class/batch was not uncommon. It was a privilege to have studied in SCGS. I’m proud to be a Kim Gek. I’m happy to have my good friend and partner in Secondary School to walk down memory lane too! 🙂

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