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As you guys know, I’m now on my long leave and it has been 3 days but I’m feeling so much freedom! I wake up at about 10.30-11am and then I head to the gym for about 30 minutes before coming home to eat a healthy brunch of oats, yoghurt and chia seeds. Recently, I bought this collagen powder which I’m also mixing into my oats. Although I detest exercising, I must say that this routine has already helped me feel a lot more energised compared to other days.

I managed to run some errands on Monday without rushing from office to Orchard and then home. Although, I must say that my wallet suffered a blow because I was buying a lot of things within a day.

Yesterday was yet another fulfilling day as I met an old friend for lunch at Vivo City’s The Queen & Mangosteen. They have lunch sets at $15.90++ and for an additional $1, you get the soup of the day and a free flow of drink (coke/sprite/ice tea).

The soup of the day was Mushroom Soup and it was quite delicious! Not starchy, which is exactly how I like it!

I chose the Braised Oxtail for my mains and I think that it was really worth it! Most of the time, a dish like this would’ve cost $20 at least. I think it does cost $23 on their ala carte menu. Besides catching up with him over lunch, we also discussed business plans and I’m excited to let you all know about it once it is ready for launch!

After the lunch session, it was another catch-up session with another friend but this time, it was over coffee/tea or in my case, I decided to try Starbucks’ latest Lemon Ginger Fizzio with Mango Jelly.

My verdict – too sweet and lacks the ginger and lemon taste. Slurping up the mango jelly was fun though. 

That evening, I even went for an Interactive Film session at a singles’ MeetUp which ended with champagne!

It was nice to socialise with singles around my age and not care about work or be tired from work. I was telling some of them there that if I were still working, I wouldn’t have attended the event because I knew that I’d be too tired and zombified to think about attending. Loved the organiser’s energy and zest for organising the event. We need more folks like her (big shoutout to Ayuri)!

Today, I pampered myself by doing for a pedicure which was long overdue. Even my therapist went “Wow…your nails are so long!” as she knows that I like my toe nails short. Yup, toe nails have to be short while my fingernails can afford to be long. Haha…anyway, like my breezy mood, I opted for a nice bright pastel shade:

If you’re able to see the white ‘sparkles’, that’s mine. I brought down my Innisfree white ‘glitter’ polish down because I knew that I wanted something a little more interesting on my nails and the salon doesn’t have this. I also brought my cuticle oil!

After my pedicure, it was a rush to the supermarket to get all the ingredients for my homemade pizza! Yup, the chef/cook in me decided to make a pizza from scratch and you can get the recipe for it here. After I finish this post, it’s time to do some serious work by penning down my business investment proposal as well as make some projections. I really hope to be able to pitch for grants soon. Cross my fingers and hope that everything will go well so that I can announce things here soon!

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