Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment – 1 month later & review on tonic

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Went to Bee Choo for another treatment and realised that it has been 5 weeks since I first started going there. As I ran out of my Aveda hair tonic (it stops thinning hair), I decided to buy a bottle of tonic from Bee Choo. The bottle above costs only $30, which is a fraction of the S$100 something that I paid for the Aveda hair tonic. But let’s compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges.

Bee Choo has 2 types of hair tonics – 1 meant for oily, itchy scalp that produces dandruff while 1 is for severe hair loss. Speak to the assistants and they’ll be able to best advise you on which type to get.

The smell of this tonic is really herbal and after massaging it into the scalp, it feels very minty. It does not contain mint although it does contain alcohol but it doesn’t seem to dry out the scalp either. I would’ve thought that the alcohol will dry out my scalp and cause it to produce more oil but the opposite is true! It does help control the amount of oil produced and hopefully, this will prevent further clogging of my hair follicles!

Interestingly enough, my brother commented that my hair looked extra clean. So it does look like the tonic does work in terms of controlling the itching and oil on my scalp. Exactly like what the label reads.

As for the overall treatment, I don’t see any significant difference in hair volume. Still sparse in the front but I can safely say that the regular treatments are helping with the dryness of the ends. So the tonic prevents the scalp from being too oily but the general treatment maintains the moisturised ends. It’s still too early to tell when it comes to hair regrowth…but we’ll see how it goes!

Updated as of 15 April 2015:
Review on the tonic can be found here!

  1. I am not sure if Panax Ginseng is effective for Androgenetic Alopecia. I cannot see any before and after hair improvement from other people. I hope there is someone who really uses skill to prove and can really solve this hair loss over many decades already. Minoxidil is FDA proven but I am using minoxidil starting 19 yrs old. Could see the effect when I am in the cold country for 2 months (proven to myself). I think oily hair is better in cold country but the doctor did not listen to that which I already proved. When came back here in warm country, it started to shed again. I am 28 yrs old already. I am not sure what should I use right now. I also tried to use ginger extract for 3 months, nothing happened. Now trying to use Korean Panax Ginseng. I am not a doctor but trying to study this. But ofcourse it’s a doctor’s job they need to have concern to others not just because of business or practicality instead prove their skills. I am trying to know this by my own because all doctors encounted are dumb stick with minoxidil only because of FDA proven, not thinking for case to case or even trying to think a solution using their skill without thinking that it is unfair on their side.

    1. True and some doctors have already come out to say that rosemary extract is similar to that of Minoxidil. I’m currently trying that and I find it a lot more effective than minoxidil for me because I don’t get itchy scalp or serious case of dandruff with rosemary.

  2. Hey, read your blog regarding your experience with Bee Choo. I’m skeptical too as I feel its similar to henna treatment and there are many other salons that provides henna treatment and a lower price. Has bee choo been effective for you? Or have u tried other products that have helped curb hair loss for you and allowed for hair regrowth?

    1. Firstly, Bee Choo will tell you that they’re NOT using henna but a lot of Chinese herbs. The smell is definitely stronger than only henna. From experience, Bee Choo did help with calming the scalp down and great for covering greys and with dandruff.

      For my situation, it’s both genetic and hormonal so it is a bit tougher to tackle than if it is purely hormonal. I do recommend seeing a trichologist to do a better scan and diagnosis of your scalp. Don’t let the sales assistant do it because they’ll likely pinpoint the trouble areas. Currently, I’m doing a very expensive treatment at J’s Salon (located at Grand Copthorne Hotel) but I haven’t blogged about it because I do think that it is a bit expensive for most people. Previously, I did use PHS Science’s tonic and I do find that it did help prevent further hair loss.

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