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Whoever said that adults do not get acne is lying. Sure, it’s not that serious an outbreak but…acne and pimples still pop up on adult skins! What makes things worse is that these scars take longer to lighten and disappear as you get older. Moreover, if you’re fair like me, the scars are horribly obvious.

Here comes Hiruscar, which is a Post Acne gel to help lighten these scars, improve any depressions caused by these scars as well as prevent further acne action! Which means, boys and girls, this is great for people aged 15 – 24 and even those in their 30s like moi.

Hiruscar is a clear gel that you’re supposed to put onto your scars 2-3 times a day, washing your hands before and after application.

I had an outbreak 2 weeks ago and as you can see, I do have a couple of acne/pimple scars on my chin and neck with a little depression around it.

Now…let’s try this Hiruscar gel. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s clear and it has absolutely no smell whatsoever. It glides on very well without feeling sticky but when it first dries, you can feel a slight film over the area. This feeling will disappear once you apply your moisturiser over it.

My nose is really oily and even when I applied on my nose (it’s supposed to help prevent acne right?), it didn’t cause new pimples and my nose appeared less oily so I conclude that the gel is good to go on oily, acne prone skin. The Pionin in the gel acts as an anti-bacterial and it did help with preventing new pimples from popping up.

I felt that applying it 3 times a day was almost impossible for me as I work full time and I’m too busy to whip it out in the middle of the day to apply. Therefore, I only applied it in the morning and in the evenings. I have to admit that there were days where I completely forgot about applying the gel. Oops.

This is 10 days later. As you can see, the large red scar has reduced in size by quite a bit and the one on my chin is gone. Also, the skin has smoothed a little. There was no peeling of my skin although the instructions inside the box stated that the formulation has a peeling effect to help restore the skin’s appearance. I guess I am lucky?

If you are plagued by your acne/pimple scars, it really doesn’t hurt to try a tube of Hiruscar. It’s really affordable at S$22.90/10ml and is easily available at Watson’s, Guardian, Pharmacies and polyclinics.

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