Event – Beauty In The Face, Eyebrow Embroidery Workshop (9 & 10 Jan 2016)

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HAACH has invited Master Lam Cheung, founder of Hong Kong Permanent Soft Stitch Make-up Artist Association, to Singapore for an exclusive workshop on your perfect eyebrows for your facial features as well as how it will affect even your luck and fortune!

Topics to be covered are:

  • The Perfect Pair – importance of matching Brow trends and shape with your face type
  • Learn how your brow shape could affect your luck and personality
  • How your eyebrows can improve your looks and overall features
  • Shaping the Perfect Brow – for your facial features, eye shape, age and career
  • Understand the art of eyebrow embroidery – including picking the right colour and technique
  • Live demonstration of eyebrow embroidery

Below is an example of Master Lam’s work:

Event details
Dates: 9 & 10th January 2016 (choose 1 day)
Time: 2 – 5pm
Registration fee: $28

To register for FREE, all you have to do is purchase ANY trial treatment from HAACH as listed on Pásshen!

Master Lam at a previous workshop

About Master Lam
Founder of Hong Kong (H.K.) Permanent Soft Stitch Make-up Artist Association, Master Lam Cheung is renowned for his expertise and fortitude – constantly bringing innovation to the world of beauty and make-up. Since founding of HKPA in 1998, apart from conducting several eyebrow embroidery workshops in HK island-wide, Master Lam Cheung has brought the art of Permanent Soft Stitch Make-up to Germany, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and has ventured into the Chinese and European markets too.

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