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I’ve started a Talk Show series on SAUCEink’s Facebook Page and will be going ‘live’ every Tuesdays at 8.30pm (GMT +8). It’s currently entitled “Melissa’s Table Top Talk” mainly because my first few episodes were done from my…table. What do I talk about? Things that I’m passionate and familiar with: marketing, branding and sharing my experience and journey as an entrepreneur. Moreover, I try to find people every week to interview and let them share their own stories. Just last Tuesday, I interviewed Miss Earth Singapore 2015 (@tiarahadidevaraj) and she shared her experience as the reigning Miss Earth Singapore and what life has been like since winning the title.

Feel free to catch up with the past episodes at my new website, which focuses more on the talk show. Hope to see you guys online and do feel free to comment there and just have a conversation with me!


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