Fitness Journey – Day 11 (Sick day)

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Fitness Journey – Day 11 (Sick day)
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Ugh…I hate falling sick. Not so much because you’re bound to bed but more so because my brain turns foggy and no longer processes things as quickly or efficiently. Tired. Damn this bug! Caught it from both my father and my helper for sure and I’ve been having a mild fever since last night, which gets slightly lower whenever I pop a Panadol.

Despite me not being able to workout, let me dish out a couple of tips. How do you get motivated to workout in the morning, especially if you have to wake up early to exercise? Sleep in your workout gear! This really helps because you don’t need to think about changing etc. Just wake up, brush your teeth, drink your coffee/tea/milo and you’re ready to head to the gym or downstairs to do your morning jog.

Second tip: plan your meals ahead of time. It helps that I’m starting on a Meal Plan with YOLO Food this week and they’ve got ready made meal plans to download. Makes prepping a lot easier.

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