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It’s the new year and with it, I’ve planned a new schedule. One of my new year resolutions is to be more focused in my life – whether it be in terms of work or personal life. Thus, this Bigo schedule is gonna help me focus on 5 broad topics so that when I stream, it’ll focus my thoughts but yet allow me the flexibility in terms of timing and even specific activity.

So here’s the breakdown:

Musical Mondays

I reckon this is quite self-explanatory. Quite a few of my followers on Bigo know me through the days when I sing in stream. My teaching schedule on Mondays are quite packed, with alternate Mondays having 3 back to back classes. This means that I’ll be exhausted and not willing to do anything related to The Wellness Insider once I’m home. Therefore, to relax, seems quite ideal to me to just sing or simply talk about music-related things. For example, I was talking to 2 bigoers where 1 introduced me to rap songs that he likes while the other was discovering Japanese artistes through me. I may also choose to go on Livehouse on Mondays where I’m less tired.

Table Top Talk Tuesdays

This is a revival of my Melissa’s Table Top Talk where I would interview personalities related to wellness and we’ll talk about an arranged topic. I want to be able to use Bigo as another platform to educate people about health and wellness as well as have a conversation about it. This was something that was still a bit lacking from the previous seasons of MTTT where it was usually streamed through Facebook and posted on YouTube. Now…to find those interesting people to talk to!

Wellness Wednesdays

This could be me working out or having a PT session or cooking healthily. I want to show that having a healthy lifestyle isn’t that tough nor is eating clean difficult. I’ve also been thinking of prepping meals for the week so Wednesdays can be my designated cooking day! Food should be a draw, shouldn’t it?

Roti Prata Thursdays

Haha…the title of my Thursday programme has gotten me a lot of questions. I call it Roti Prata Thursdays because on every alternate Thursday, I have to teach till 9pm as I’ve got a class of working adults. I was talking to 2 Bigo friends and asked them, “Eh…want to meet me every Thu for supper? Roti Prata at xxx?” So I figured that it’d be fun to have them along where we are eating supper and talking rubbish. Besides, roti prata is also a local slang to be flipping one’s opinions or topics…therefore, isn’t it such a suitable title?

Fun Friyays

I’ve designated Fridays to be the day where I do giveaways or playing games etc. It would be lighthearted and just a way to enjoy the start of the weekend!

As you can see, there isn’t anything allocated to the weekends because my weekends are usually quite packed and I don’t want to have to fix myself to anything then. Weekends are also the days where I meet up with friends who aren’t on Bigo and wouldn’t appreciate me streaming when I’m with them. I’m continuing my practice of mindfulness and not encroach on people’s personal spaces and broadcast to the world (well…technically not…but you know what I mean).

I hope to see you guys on my channel ( or through the app ID: melfann)!

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