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Birthday Wishlist
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It’s October and that also means my typical annual wishlist! There are a lot of things happening in October too, and I’d like to highlight that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month as well and let’s unite as women and do practice regular checkups, breast examinations and mammograms after you’ve hit 30.

Actually…I only have 1 main wish. I don’t want any presents. I just want people to pledge for my book “Building Body Confidence” because it is something that I really want to see published and distributed online as well as in stores.

The smallest amount is only USD5 to get a copy of the e-book once it’s out and you can do that via Even if you aren’t able to afford that, then I really wish that you can help me share the link. Drop me an email if you need any artwork to post onto your Instagram/Facebook/whichever social media platform.

I do realise that as I grow older, I look forward to fewer material things although I do have to admit that I am still a creature of comfort. Hahaha! Here’s to me wishing myself and The Wellness Insider a Happy Birthday!

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