Happy Labour Day!

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Happy Labour Day!
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I’m still alive! LOL

I realised that I haven’t been blogging for ages and that’s simply because I’ve been really busy. What have I been busy with?

  1. My book.
  2. Teaching and marking (hello marking season!)
  3. Editing articles on thewellnessinsider.sg (oh gosh…I need more writers!)
  4. Doing my monthly Kombucha workshops
  5. Did some corporate kombucha pairing sessions (wwooohooo)
  6. Attending Japanese classes (I’m prepping to take my JLPT 2 this July)
  7. Attending a sales course
  8. Coaching a client on how to present on video
  9. Helping with a client’s rebranding and marketing
  10. Watching dramas

As you can probably tell, #10 is my way of relaxing from all the above. I had one too many 8am classes this semester and I come home drained on those days. My students agree with me that 8am classes ought to be banned. LOL! But I’m glad that the face-to-face tutorials are over and now it’s exam period for the students while it is marking season for me.

Good thing is that I won’t be teaching summer classes in July so that will give me time to work on The Wellness Insider, the 60-Day Metabolic Tune Up Programme as well as Kombucha Chronicles. Although it sounds as if I have 3 businesses, they are all under the umbrella of The Wellness Insider and they’re all related. After all, health is not just about exercising but also diet and mental.

Anyway, I can’t wait for all the marking to be over so that I can finally put in some brain juice into the business. Oh…and Japanese too. I’m not very confident that I’ll pass this round but at least, I am practicing it every week in class so some of the rust is beginning to fade. 頑張ります!

Happy Labour Day everyone and enjoy this mid-week break!

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