What do Women Want? With Christine Looi

What do Women Want? With Christine Looi
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I’ve started a new series under “Melissa’s Table Top Talk” called “What do women want?”. Although I do know that there are more genders than the usual binary of men and women, I’m just gonna keep things a bit simple and explore this topic (amongst others) with people who identify as women.

In the first episode within this series, I speak to Christine Looi who is the co-founder of Nuren Secret Club and she is also an entrepreneur. I wasn’t expecting her to be so candid but I’m glad that she shared her journey through divorce and why it was important to her to set up Nuren Secret Club as a community for women to rely on.

The community has lawyers, entrepreneurs, mothers – basically, women from all walks of life to give you emotional as well as practical support. Do watch the video interview below to hear it from Christine herself!


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