Melissa’s Interview on CallumConnects

Melissa’s Interview on CallumConnects
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I recently did a podcast interview with Callum, who is a very successful entrepreneur, and we talked about the hurdles I faced as a business owner and how I overcame them. For those who were wondering why I moved my website from to, here’s your answer. Do take a listen to the podcast as it’s really short (less than 4 minutes) at these various platforms:

I really hope that if you’re going to start your own website/ e-magazine, that you do not make the same mistake that I did. It is really tempting to take free content, but as I said in the interview, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” You might just end up paying MORE in other ways.

Good news is that I’ve successfully migrated all the old articles onto our current website and I’m still thinking of ways to create quality content while building this business. We’ve evolved in a lot of ways but yet also have remained steady in some areas which I’d like to change. Brainstorming time!!

P.S. Does anyone want to hire me to read ebooks? LOL!


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